Preserving Memories for the Future

At Robertson Video Conversion we are specialists in converting those tapes and films you have found in the bottom drawer to DVD. We convert Film, VHSC, VHS, Beta, 8mm tape formats, and DVC. We can even repair mould, and machine damage. 

Robertson Video Conversion Preserving Memories

Video Tape Conversion

At Robertson Video Conversion we are specialists in preserving your old memories stored on video tape. Video tapes were never designed to last a lifetime, and with passing time the fragile magnetic tape and outside plastic casing will start to deteriorate beyond the point of salvage. We recommend converting your old video tapes to a digital format as soon as you can, because the slightest hiccup caused by this ageing process can interrupt the signal and you may lose some of those precious moments. At Robertson Video we like to take the extra step so we will edit out any of those hiccups, those wild camera shots of the sky, or feet, and also create an easy to use menu system to help you navigate through different parts.

Robertson Video Conversion Beta
Robertson Video Conversion Hi8
Robertson Video Conversion- VHSC
Robertson Video Conversion VHS
Robertson Video Conversion SVHS
Robertson Video Conversion Mini DV

Video Conversion

from $25 NZD per Tape
  • Formats: VHS, SVHS, VHSC, Beta, Hi8, Mini DV, other formats available on request
  • Chapter Menus if required
  • Additional DVD copies $8 each

Robertson Video Conversion Film Conversion

Film Conversion

At Robertson Video we can help you convert all of those old 8mm Film Reels to DVD,  including those with a sound track. These reels can easily be over 50 years old now, and the risk of losing precious memories increase daily. Please get in contact with us today, and we can help.

Small Reel - 50ft

$15 NZD per Reel
  • Reel Duration: 2 -5 minutes
  • Chapter Menu if required
  • Additional DVD copies $8 each

Medium Reel - 200ft

$40 NZD per Reel
  • Reel Duration: 12 - 16 minutes
  • Chapter Menu if required
  • Additional DVD copies $8 each

Large Reel - 400ft

$80 NZD per Reel
  • Reel Duration: 25 - 30 minutes
  • Chapter Menu
  • Additional DVD copies $8 each

We would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We have clients asking us lots of different questions, including helping them identify the type of video tape or film they have. We are happy to provide a quote, and talk you through any of the procedures we take to ensure your precious memories are treated with the respect and correct care they require.

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